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Hurdles is a Bury based charity operating out of the RE:D Centre on Morley Street and supporting children and young adults with disabilities and additional needs.

Founded 25 years ago, Hurdles is unique in that it is parent run and parent led. We are the parents/carers of children and young people with disabilities and are all unpaid volunteers. In addition to caring for our youngsters, we organize all fundraising and run the charity. Every penny raised is spent directly on services for the children and young people. We rely completely on our own fundraising activities and the generosity of folks like you! We are proud and fortunate that in this our Silver Jubilee year, we are the chosen charity of the Mayor of Bury.

Amongst our activities, we:-

1. Fund and run an inclusive OFSTED registered pre-school group 5 mornings and 2 afternoons a week;
2. Provide support, practical and emotional, to families with children newly diagnosed as having a disability;
3. Campaign on disability issues seeking to achieve equality for all;
4. Fund and run the 2 Green Buses which provide transport to and from RE:D Centre for social activities and trips out;
5. Funds and runs a training project "The Stepping Stones Café" for young people with learning disabilities. The Café is designed to develop independence and promote self-esteem, enhance life skills, build confidence and improve employment opportunities;
6. Fund and run a weekly social group "Directions" catering for 19+yrs age groups
7. Organize family days out and group leisure activities during School Holidays.

Many of our children and young people have severe communications difficulties. A significant number are on the Autistic Spectrum and are non-verbal and many more have complex needs. At Hurdles, we pride ourselves on excluding no-one and welcoming all.