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Salford Fred Fielder - Salfordian, Radio Presenter, Raconteur, Balloonist, Part-Time Balloon, After Dinner Speaker, Member of the National Geographic Society and all round good egg. (Igg!)



I was going to add a few words on my "Pete" page but the few became so many that I have decided to dedicate this page to Fred. 

Although we both hail from Salford, centre of the universe, our paths did not cross until round about 1970 when we were both appearing at a charity show.

Lesley and I have enjoyed many a do at Fred 's house and we have made many good friends there.  One particularly enjoyable do was a Burns Night (23.01.04).  Food had been prepared  for the 20 - 25 expected guests then about fifty people turned up and extra food appeared as if by magic.  Following the excellent food, all guests repaired to Fred's penthouse room.  This is some room, a room where Fred is always surrounded by friends as many of his friends are painted, in oils, on the walls.  I am honoured to say that "Me & Our Kid" are amongst the permanent friends emblazoned on the walls of the room.  The Burns night continued then with lots of music provided by Kevin Neil, Jonathan Young, Roy Chappell (who was one of four people celebrating a birthday),  Ray Godwin (the older of my two stepsons), Lyn Fairbanks, Sheila G White, Larry Edwards (from the band Souled as Seen), Edwin Dukes and Me & Our Kid.  It was a long and very enjoyable night.

I was at Fred's one day and he was busy preparing something for his radio show.  He told me it was a tribute to Karl Denver who had died during the week and he asked me if I could sing a tribute for Karl so that he could play it on his forthcoming Sunday morning programme.  I hurriedly changed the words to Karl's song, Marcheta, and recorded myself with two guitars, bass guitar and voice then sent it to Fred.  Fred played the track during his tribute and then it was included in another radio programme tribute to Karl by Bob McClure.  This programme was then issued in double CD format called "The Life And Times Of Karl Denver As Told In Words and Music" .  My contribution, which includes Fred's introduction, can be heard below.

Karl Denver by Pete Martin