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Rough & Ready - our latest album



If you click on the highlighted titles you can hear some of that track.

1) Ohh Ohh Fred Dibnah (Pete Martin) 
2) Intro to:
3) Matchstalk Men/Mason's Apron (Coleman &Burke/Trad.Arr. Hanky Park)
4) Intro to:
5) The Knocker-Upper Man (Mike Canavan)
6) Pete's Grandad/Roy Rogers/Chattanooga Choo Choo (Gordon/Warren)
7) Mary
8) Heart Of My Heart/Barefoot Days/Side By Side (L & L Elgart/Hayward/Woods)
9) Intro to:
10) D-Day Dodgers/When This Bloody War Is Over (Henderson/Trad Arr. Hanky Park)
11) Intro to:
12) They Don't Write 'em Like That Anymore (Pete Betts)
13) Intro to:
14) Thre H'apence A Foot (Edgar/Charles)
15) Molly Malone/Liverpool Lou (Pete McGovern)/Wild Rover/Rochdale Mashers/Marie's Wedding/ 
Lord Of The Dance (Sydney Carter)/ Mason's Apron (All Other Titles - Trad Arr. Hanky Park)
16) Hanky Park (Pete Martin)   

All songs written or arranged by Pete Martin and Hanky Park are the copyright of Kid Menthal Music

Track 1 features the Nitram Prize Band (Pete Martin on Keyboards) and was recorded at "Studio Studio", Rochdale. Track 16 was recorded "at home". All other tracks feature HANKY PARK - warts and all - ROUGH & READY and were recorded during a "Gentleman's Evening" at Bury Masonic Hall,  organised by Ken Davies - Thanks Ken!

Digitally mastered by Steve Perry.  Steve Perry also produced the sound bites of the tracks above - not to mention many hours of "on line support" and never ending encouragement.  I could not have produced this site without him.

The album can be obtained by contacting me at