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Lancashire Comedy 

Fun and Folk Music 
(sometimes only Folk-ish, sometimes not even that!) 

"Hanky Park" was the name given to an area of old Salford which still holds a special place in the memories of Salfordians world-wide.

"Hanky Park" is also the name adopted by Tony Downes and Pete Martin when this duo was formed, as a token of Peteís great love and affection for the city, itís people and itís memories.  Pete wrote a song called Hanky Park which you can hear if you click on that title on the "Latest Album" page.

Tony Downes began his musical career with Mike Harding. This partnership was to last 6 years until Mikeís university life took precedence. Tony then became one half of the highly successful comedy duo, "The Two Beggar men", a partnership that was to span some 20 years. When the Two Beggarmen went their separate ways, Tony teamed up with Pete to form "Hanky Park".

Pete Martin.  My musical career is on "Pete's Page".

To date we have four albums to our credit.

It is difficult to describe the content of an evening with Hanky Park. We sing songs ranging from Lancashire Folk, Old Time Singalong and some songs from the 1960ís. We also perform monologues and have a subtle, witty repartee in our own style.

We provide all our own music (no backing tracks, no drum machines) with guitars and mandolin but are able to work with backing musicians when the occasion demands. We also provide our own P.A. System.

We have performed at many different venues including golf, cricket and tennis clubs; Masonic, Round Table and Rotary Functions and social clubs of all kinds; and have appeared on radio.


This photo was taken outside the music shop in "Lark Hill Place", Salford Museum, Peel Park on one of the occasions that we appeared there in concert.

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